5 Simple Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

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Health goes far beyond simply what we put in our bodies. This is why at Eat Quick Healthy, we take a holistic approach to health. This process is only possible by critically assessing your own lifestyle, seeing where the gaps are and making appropriate changes so the betterment of your health.

Lifestyle includes diet, exercise, work, connections and other influences that may be contributing to your overall physical/mental health.

Lifelong, optimum health is a continuous journey of being disciplined to reach goals and then reassessing those goals to reach new ones. Below, we’ve listed 5 habits you can adopt that can lead to a healthier, happier you.

1. Reduce your working hours.

How much time at work do you actually spend working? Sure, you get paid for that time. But how much of that money do you actually need? Many of us spend far too long at our desks avoiding life when time could be spent at home. Seriously analyze how much money you actually need and if you could reduce your working hours.

Of course, bills still need to be paid, and so you can achieve this by exploring the multitude of options to make money online. For example, I know many people who have had success completing paid surveys online for cash. And who knows – once you start questioning and exploring, you may find a new path altogether.

2. Have a morning routine.

One of the best ways to ensure a good way is to start the day well. A morning routine is the way to achieve this. Find something that makes you feel happy, makes you feel calm and makes you feel energized. This sounds difficult but it really isn’t.

For example, I start the day by waking up at the exact same time of 6:15am, take a short 20 minute jog, take a cold shower and then meditate for 30 minutes. I am ready for the day to start by 7:30am.

Do what makes you happy. Journal, meditate, do some yoga, make coffee with complete presence and attention of your mind.

I hear many many excuses about why that’s easy for me and not someone else,but that’s all these things are – excuses. There will always be someone who has it harder or easier than you, but by practicing discipline and doing what you can, you’ll achieve greater sanctification from the task.

3. Simplify your meal plan.

One of the hardest things about meal planning/prepping is knowing what to cook, but keep it simple. Try discovering 10 or so different recipes that you can make easily and quickly with simple, wholesome ingredients.

I recommend starting the day with one of these energizing juices.

Don’t be afraid to start exploring with cooking. You can make amazing food quite simply and you can have wholesome treats too. For example, these peanut butter cups take only 4 – 5 ingredients and taste delicious, without any of the nasties.

4. Have a workout routine you enjoy.

A workout routine (and sticking to it) is important. But it’s only worth doing if you actually enjoy what you’re doing. Of course, many people would enjoy not doing it at all, but let’s be a bit more discerning – the research is unambiguous that regular exercise is beneficial to our health and well being.

So find something you enjoy. This really could be as simple as pottering around the garden for an hour a day, doing a bit of extra housework, taking a walk or jog, or even regular fitness classes.

There’s so many ways to keep fit and active and they certainly don’t all involve staring at a brick wall whilst running at great speed on a treadmill!

5. Take a moment to breathe.

Our modern lives are so full of hectic craziness. Even if you don’t believe you have a complicated life, you are likely being bombarded by stimuli in one form or another, or even your own thoughts.

People who believe they are always fully present in the moment are only deceiving themselves, for only people who know what true presence is can recognize the scope of their own distractions.

This is why at times it’s important to stop what you’re doing and breathe, paying attention to every breath and feeling that flow of air which is your life force. Some of your may find this boring, but this is only highlighting your need to do it – boredom is simply a lack of attention to the present moment.

So breathe and enjoy being alive!

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By Cara Davis

Cara Davis is a food lover and health fanatic who likes to make life as stress free as possible - thus why she loves to eat quick and healthy!