What Does Almond Butter Taste Like?

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Looking for an alternative for peanut butter? Wonder does almond butter taste good? Does it taste like peanut butter? Is it healthy? Does it expire? Keep reading for all of the answers!

Almond butter is a spread formed by blending almonds until they are a smooth cream. It’s a great alternative to regular butters or spreads with nuts being a good source of healthy fats that help with blood sugar and the heart. It’s also a dairy free alternative for vegans and people avoiding dairy.

Almonds are rich in fiber and protein which makes them filling and good for cholesterol. I talk more below about whether almond butter is healthy. For the moment, just understand that in its purest form, almond butter is simply almonds. However, store bought almond butter can have a lot of additives which can affect the taste.

In this guide, I walk you through everything you need to know to start using almond butter and to answer how does almond butter taste.

What Does Almond Butter Taste Like

What Does Almond Butter Taste Like?

almond butter
Short answer: yum!

Since almond butter is made solely or primarily from almonds, it tastes like whipped almonds 🙂 However, that’s not a very helpful description so what does almond butter taste like?

It’s creamy, rich, nutty tasting and delicious. I find it a little sticky and a little grainy.

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Does Almond Butter Taste Like Peanut Butter?

It’s similar to peanut butter but tastes nuttier and creamier. I’ve heard a lot of people say it tastes richer than peanut butter, but this depends on the almond butter. It’s a bit stickier and grainer than peanut butter.

I think the taste isn’t quite as strong but still tastes very good. And obviously, peanut butter tastes more like peanuts while almond butter tastes more like almonds.

It’s a great alternative if you are allergic to peanuts or looking for something a little different.

What Does Almond Butter Look Like?

Almond butter looks like a thick brown cream. See it pictured here!

almond butter

How To Use Almond Butter?

Almond butter is great for anything you currently use peanuts for, assuming you like the taste. It makes for a great sandwich or toast spread. A spoonful in a smoothie can add some delicious flavor.

You can use it in baking or on celery sticks. Really, anything you want.

Is Almond Butter Healthy?

Almond butter is one of the best nut butters for your health, beating peanut butter. So, what does almond butter do for you?

Since almond butter is basically almonds, it has the same health benefits, and there are many of these. It’s full of many heart benefiting monounsaturated fats as well as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including magnesium, vitamin E and calcium.

This calcium makes almond butter good for your bones and the monounsaturated fats help prevents against heart disease as do the omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E in this product.

The vitamin E also helps control blood sugar and insulin levels and the magnesium also helps with insulin sensitivity among many other things. In fact, there are lots of benefits to nutrient-rich almond butter.

The downside is that it is high in calories but the contained protein does help fill you up.

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Does Almond Butter Expire?

Yes! Almond butter can go bad. How long it lasts depends on how it is made. If you have made your own fresh almond butter, it is likely to last only a couple of weeks.

However, if you have a store bought almond butter, check the expiry date on it. Note that these are usually best before dates which means while it is ideal to eat your almond butter before this date, it’s likely to still taste good for quite awhile longer.

How long it lasts also depends if the almond butter has been opened and how you store it.

Here’s our table of how long almond butter lasts.

The almond butter is….It is stored in the…It lasts…
HomemadeFridgeA couple of weeks
Store bought, unopenedFridgeUp to a year after the expiration date
PantryUp to six months after the expiration date
Store bought, opened FridgeUp to 9 months
Pantry3-5 months after opening
Almond butter storage times. All are approximate and assumes the pantry is cool, dark and not humid and the almond butter is stored in an airtight container

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Almond butter is a delicious and useful item that I love to eat on a piece of toast. It has many nutrients and goodies in it and is definitely worth tasting and giving a try in your diet.

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